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The Culinary Courtesan

Nov 28, 2017

There are traditions around food and drink that we do doing the holiday season. In this episode, Yolanda Shoshana, talks about some of those traditions. Do you ever wonder about eggnog? How about latkes. Just what the heck to gingerbread houses have to do with the holidays? Tune in to get the...

Nov 8, 2017

Tempranillo is known as the signature grape of Spain that makes some delightful medium-bodied red wines.  A great way to get down and dirty with Tempranillo would be to celebrate International Tempranillo Day, the second Thursday of November.

If you enjoy red wine, don't sleep on Tempranillo, your palate will thank...

Oct 16, 2017

There are so many books about wine and spirits it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time. In this episode are some book picks worthy of being added to your collection. Tune in to find out about Vino Argentino: An Insider's Guide To The Wines and Wine Country of Argentina, New York Cocktails, and other books...

Oct 9, 2017


In this episode get the latest information on celebrity wines and spirits. So many famous people have joined the booze business, there's so much to keep up with. Some of the celebs highlighted are: Rihanna, Fergie, and Channing Tatum.  And did you know that Martha Stewart has a wine club? Get the scoop by tuning in....

Oct 1, 2017

(Skyy Vodka Be Part of the Art)


National Vodka Day is on October 4. Are you ready? There are so many vodkas so little time. In this episode I list some of my favorite vodkas from around the globe. Grey Goose and Van Gogh make the cut, tune in to hear the rest. What's your favorite vodka? I'd love to know. Cheers!